LAPAN’s on going research

Fortunately, my class was canceled this afternoon. The boredom of working final project made me feel not enthusiastic to do anything, just read manga of One Piece which was updated recently. In the middle of the chapter i read, a friend of me just shouted to everyone in the laboratory that there was a presentation from LAPAN (Lembaga Antariksa dan Penerbangan Nasional) about the vacancy to join with them. I had a second tought distracted my revery before my sleepy eyes, “maybe it would be interesting”.

I went down to the second floor right away before my third tought block this intention. I walked through the corridor until the opened door of the hall where the presentation would be held. I looked inside, not so many people had been sitting over there.

Overview of LAPAN

The Chief of LAPAN, Prof. Thomas Jalaludin, gave the presentation by himself. “this is a rare occasion” he said, “for LAPAN to visit ITB to meet the students directly”. He seemed happy about it.

To begin with, Prof. Thomas told about LAPAN’s background and history. He told the stories with a joy. The most important part I got is, LAPAN dreams Indonesia has sustainable aeronautics and space technologies.

LAPAN has four main competencies, there are : atmospheric and space science, remote sensing technology, aerospace technology, and aerospace policy studies. Those integrate among science and engineering to produce technologies supplying data necessities based on satellite sensing.

The collaboration of those fields generates 7 research and engineering projects which have run. Actually I’ve not really remembered all of these since I didn’t make any note.

#1 LAPAN Surveillance UAV, the product of this project is drone controlled by a pilot staying on the ground. LAPAN has created 3 serial of drones named LS 01, LS 02 and LS 03. the third series has been capable to fly for 300 km in about 3 hours without landing. These drones have function to fly around capturing, by high resolution camera, phenomenon on the ground or sea and doing data transfer in real time. This kind of product still needs a development in order to cruise sky in wider range within capacity to fly longer. LAPAN’s next targets are making a drone constellation with a drone command using solar panels as its source of energy several drones which are flown by autonomous control.

#2 Comercial aeroplane. Indonesia has developed Aeroplane as public transport in mini capacity of passenger. The first institute which did the reseach about aircraft making before PT. Dirgantara Indonesia was LAPAN. Government’s policy to make this project more focus was shifting aircraft study from LAPAN to PT. DI. But, monetary crisis was  happened in 1998 caused IPTN closed.

#3 Satellite 

LAPAN has a vision that our country is capable in developing satellites constellation in medium high. 

To be continued . . . 


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